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  1. Cloud-Beam Medley by Barbara Hantman | Waterstones
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Having made a raft from wood taken from the giant mushroom forest, with rigging consisting of a mast made of two staves lashed together, a yard made of a third, and a sail borrowed from their stock of rugs, they set sail from the harbour - Port Grauben, named after Axel's fiancee.

With a north-westerly wind propelling them along at about three miles an hour, silvery beams of light, reflected here and there by drops of spray, produced luminous points in the eddy created by the raft. Soon all land was lost to view. Five days out to sea, they witnessed a terrifying battle between two sea monsters.

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Cloud-Beam Medley by Barbara Hantman | Waterstones

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    ICESat-2 will conduct multiple passes overhead at an altitude of miles kilometers , and its lasers will gather data that will enable researchers to calculate ice volume and track changes over time. Currently, there are two LAGEOS satellites in orbit, and their orbits are so stable that unless a piece of space debris collides with them, they'll be circling the planet for at least 1 million to 2 million years, according to panelist Evan Hoffman, a scientist with the Space Geodesy Project at Goddard. In the moon's vicinity, the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter instrument on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter used lasers to gather billions of data points from the moon's surface while in orbit, enabling scientists to build the most detailed maps to date of lunar topography, Erwan Mazarico, a research associate with Planetary Studies at Goddard, said at the panel.

    Cloud-Beam Medley - eBook

    Lasers have also helped NASA researchers bring broadband to the moon, Jennifer Sager, lead system engineer and project manager with the Science and Planetary Operations Control Center at Goddard, told the panel audience. The Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration tested a two-way communication system between Earth and the moon using a pulsed laser beam, establishing a data download rate of megabits per second, Sager said.

    And researchers are even investigating whether lasers could be used defensively in space — not to battle invading extraterrestrials, but to nudge aside space debris that could damage equipment or threaten astronauts, Hoffman added. Appearing at a conference like Future Con — where attendees are particularly enthusiastic about the real-world science behind their favorite sci-fi moments — allowed all of the scientists in the panel to touch upon some of the more interesting aspects of their research, even though the entire presentation was less than an hour, Mazarico told Space.