Christmas Story Books for Children II - Stories with deep Meanings

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The following simple, sometimes unusual suggestions will help you and your family focus your thoughts on Christ during this special time of year. Use an Advent Jesse tree and companion book to help them prepare their hearts for the true meaning of the season. These small evergreen trees are decorated with ornaments that symbolize stories from the Bible. Look online for a detailed description of ornaments that are often used. If no live play is available, perform one.

To keep Christmas Day focused on Jesus, some families postpone their gift exchange to Epiphany on Jan. By tradition, Epiphany recalls the arrival of the wise men to worship Jesus and so reveal Him to the world as Lord and King. Together as a family, visit a nursing home, serve meals at a mission or church, or pack and deliver Christmas baskets for food pantries. These are just a few ideas to help you start your own family traditions.

Try these fun-filled, age-appropriate activities that will direct children, and adults, back to the true meaning of the holiday, to focus on Jesus and celebrate Emmanuel, God who is with us. Each article is used by permission. All rights reserved. This article is a compilation of articles written by various authors.

The author names are found within the article. Call Store. Christmas Activities That Focus on Jesus. By various authors. October 6, Share on facebook.

10 stories behind Dr. Seuss stories -

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Share on email. Are you looking for ideas to help keep your children focused on the reason for the Christmas season? Have you ever asked that question? The truth is, how you see your son and talk to him has a significant effect on how he thinks and acts. Topics: Connecting with Family , faith , Preparing for the Holidays. About the Author. More by various authors. You May Also Like. November 20, October 2, September 27, About Us. Sign Up for Our E-Newsletters. Get our updates straight to your inbox. Sign Up.

Christmas Activities That Focus on Jesus

That night, as Clara falls asleep, she dreams of the grandchild she will one day have, and how she will share both of these traditions with him. Recommended for ages 4 — 9. The five golden rings decorate an Indian elephant. The nine drummers drumming are from Malawi, and the ten pipers piping are Indian. There are also several fabric embellished pages of end notes that share about Christmas and Epiphany traditions around the world, as well as the history of The Twelves Days of Christmas song.

Recommended for all ages. Maria and Juan are excited to share their handmade gifts with Abuela. But when the children want to push their gifts through the fence, the border agent tells them nothing can go through. Maria comes up with a creative solution that allows Abuela to take their gifts home.

Recommended for ages 5 — 9.

The oven is too small for the roast to fit! Papi has the idea to ask the owner of the local pizzeria if he can put the roast in the pizza oven. On his way through their apartment complex, Papi soon discovers that no one else seems to be looking forward to Christmas. Children will giggle at all of the grumpy things the grownups in the story say and parents will likely identify with some of those things!

Can an invitation, and the smell of a delicious roast, put their neighbors in the holiday spirit? This is a perfect book to soothe excited children on Christmas Eve. Recommended for ages 3 — 8. When he returns he finds her making origami cranes. When she finds he has a fever, she sends him to bed, and the little boy is sure she must be mad. His mother tells him that in a place where she once lived, California, today is a special day. She decorates his tree with the cranes and candles and shares Christmas traditions with him for the first time.

Many Christmas stories that address poverty include some type of surprising or miraculous event that allow the main character to receive the gift they want to badly. Panchito so badly to receive a red ball for Christmas. When another farmworker couple asks his father to buy their very few posessions, Panchito hears his father apologize and say that they are broke too.

Instead, in watching the deep love of his parents towards their children and each other, Panchito begins to understand the meaning of Christmas. Recommended for ages 5 to This fast paced rhyming book celebrates the spirit of Christmas through giving to others. Sister Angie has carefully prepared everyone for their roles in the procession. Everything is ready, until the couple who are to play Maria and Jose get caught by a snowstorm on a mountain road and cannot get there in time.

A quiet miracle, that only Sister Angie realizes has happened, takes place to save Las Posadas. The book instead focuses on three women: a grandmother, a young women, and a mother of an infant who travel from distant lands when they see a star that draws them into a journey. She writes to Santy Claus nonetheless, and on Christmas Day her father has a special surprise. Nella convinces her sisters that she should have the doll, since it was her idea to ask Santy Claus for it.

Keeping Jonas company…

Will she find a way to make her Christmas gift live up to her dreams? Recommended for ages 5 — On Christmas Eve, Santa himself shows up to whisk Welcome into his sleigh.

When he returns from his amazing night of helping deliver presents around the world, Welcome begins to think it must have been a dream. Many years will pass by before he knows the answer for sure. Grace loves the anticipation of Christmas, especially acting out the nativity.