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In the s, Elwood Curtis, a deeply principled, straight-A high school student from Tallahassee, Fla. Elwood finds that the staff is callous and corrupt, and the boys—especially the black boys—suffer from near-constant physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. This is a stunning novel of impeccable language and startling insight. Katherine, a noted mathematician who grew up believing herself the daughter of a white father and a Chinese mother, is stunned to learn the truth of her family history. Chung persuasively blends myths and legends with the real-world stories of lesser-known woman mathematicians and of WWII on both the European and Asian fronts, making for a bold, poignant novel that illustrates how truth and beauty can reside even amid the messiest solutions.

Gregory, a master of English historical fiction, moves from her typical milieu of royal courts to a portrait of a normal woman in the marshy landscape of the South of England. In , Alinor, suspected of harboring dark secrets in a time of panic about witches, catches the attention of people in her village, leading her down a dangerous path. Three decades ago, I traveled to Siberia. I was hoping to sneak into the remote peninsula of Kamchatka but only made it as far as Irkutsk—but Phillips, in this beautifully written novel, takes me right there. Anna McDonald, a well-to-do Glasgow housewife, is obsessed with true crime podcasts.

When one such podcast turns out to have a connection to her dark past, she and a former rock star wind up fleeing for their lives pursued by deadly enemies in this thriller from Edgar finalist Mina.

54 Dinosaur Books for Kids

Her efforts to recreate them in time for a Paris show lead to trouble. When the teaching job that lures year-old Lily Bushwold from Boston to Bolivia falls through, she decides to venture into the Amazon jungle, where she finds dangerous animals, unfriendly natives, and worse. Armchair travelers seeking vicarious thrills will find lots to like.

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Big Brother meets Big Business in this near-future thriller. Paxton works for the Cloud, a giant tech company that has taken over much of the U. Meanwhile, Zinnia goes undercover as an ordinary worker in the Cloud to learn its deepest secrets—and Paxton may just wind up an unwitting pawn in her game.

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A widower and his young son move to a small town where, 20 years earlier, a serial killer murdered five residents before he was caught. Moreno-Garcia crafts a magical novel of duality, tradition, and change, set in the late s as Mexico transitions from its post-Revolution period to the Jazz Age. McGuire puts a genuinely innovative spin on the magical child horror novel in this mesmerizing story. James Reed is devoted to creating human incarnations of pure language and pure math, which will give him power over reality and time.

Roger and Dodger, one of his pairs of avatars, begin exploring their telepathic connection and other powers— with terrifying results. Gomillion debuts with a gut-punch Afrofuturist novel that examines the incalculable damage systemic racism wreaks on individuals and societies, and the many forms liberation can take.

This is an intellectually rich, emotional, and ruthlessly honest confrontation of racism. In this exquisitely crafted tale already being developed for television , two special agents from competing factions forge an unexpected relationship through messages left behind as they wage a secret war across space and time.

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As taunts and challenges gradually give way to endearments and secrets, the two women must determine their true roles in the unending time war. This tapestry stretching across millennia is anchored with raw emotion and a genuine sense of wonder. This blockbuster apocalyptic novel confronts some of the darkest and most divisive aspects of present-day America with urgency, humanity, and hope.

Meanwhile, a supercomputer with an unclear agenda assigns a disgraced epidemiologist to treat a pandemic. Family loyalty is a recurring theme as Ayesha overcomes her prejudice against conservative Khalid and he learns to accommodate different viewpoints. With humor and abundant cultural references—both manifest in the all-seeing, all-criticizing aunty brigade—Jalaluddin cleverly illustrates the social pressures facing young Indian-Muslim adults.

This is a beautiful story of two nervous but determined white knights saving each other from their dragons. An assassin hired to kill a renegade psychic finds himself falling for her instead, while a quest beckons and danger threatens. Intricate worldbuilding melds traditional high fantasy with a hint of Victorian sensibility for a deliciously complex story. Cole weaves family drama and emotional growth into a passion-filled story worthy of its irresistibly complicated and diverse characters.

This affair of the heart is deeply satisfying. This dazzling standalone contemporary is a hilarious comedy of coincidences. Olive Torres hates Ethan Thomas, but the two of them are stuck taking the Maui honeymoon intended for their unwell siblings.

Danny and the Great Beast by Lily Lexington

Lauren brilliantly wields familiar rom-com tropes to craft a delightful enemies-to-lovers romance that will have readers hanging on every word. Drawn in neat line work with rich coloring, this well-researched tribute to a magnificent mind is well worth packing for the plane trip. Dandro acutely captures both his own innocence lost and a stunning sense of empathy for everyone in his ruptured family. Two synchronized divers grow up with lives and bodies completely entwined. A massive Chinese carp bloom clogs American rivers.

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Largely caught up within the U. Wicked wit Penny, a perpetually single and cheerily disgruntled temp worker, meets an amateur slasher film director who convinces her to jump in with his oddball crew. This hilarious tale of quitting the daily grind for grindhouse is full of visual gags and quirky characters straight out of an updated Clerks. Armchair travelers can gain inspiration from this collection of brief profiles of the exploits of idealists who set out to establish purposeful communities. Populated by free thinkers and devotees, the work visits, among other locales, religious communes, the queer Kingdom of the Coral Sea, and the sovereign North Dumpling Island established by the eccentric inventor of the Segway scooter, all rendered in whimsical pastels.

Rinaldi, publisher of Harper Wave, asks readers to try new things and fail , rails against humblebrag culture, and suggests strategies for exploring uncomfortable personal and professional terrain in this work that originated in a popular New York Times article. The curator and historian at the International Spy Museum serves up funny, snack-size chapters on 21 outlandish plans pursued, then abandoned, by the U.

Like peanuts and Cracker Jack, this is a summer treat for baseball fans. Strand by strand, she binds together tales about family, race and pointedly, racism , and culture with a sharp intellectual intimacy reminiscent of Zora Neale Hurston spun with cartooning exuberance influenced by Lynda Barry, in wry, curlicue drawings. Scott will enchant astronomy and music buffs equally as he recounts the six-week process of choosing the right music and sounds to represent humanity to anyone else who might be out there.

Pitmaster Jones and Texas Monthly editor Vaughn give an expert course in North Carolina barbecue in this comprehensive guide to choosing a hog, selecting wood, building the burn barrel, and throwing a pig roast. This reference will be a boon for weekend barbecue masters looking to take their game to the next level.

Airy portrayals of the seashore—its bright light, creamy waves, and golden sands—evoke the smell of sea salt mingled with sunscreen in this quiet picture book about the pleasures of solo creation.

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In this existential meditation about desires and illusions, two wide-eyed insects contemplate a red-orange globe that hangs suspended amid green leaves—a peach. When Papi gets home from work, his daughter is ready for their ritual, a nightly motorcycle ride through their beloved California city.

One evening, Annie fits her helmet over her curls, gets into her race car—a sleek, torpedo-shaped unit—and rockets out of her open bedroom window. Viva Frida A few perfectly chosen phrases from Yuyi Morales, presented in both Spanish and English, briefly but beautifully describe the inspiring life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. The illustrations, created with stop-motion puppets, paintings and digital magic, are like no other. The title pretty much says it all, but turning the pages and looking at the rainbow of faces—illustrations of kids living here, there, everywhere—drives home the message.

Written in , this tale illustrates a different way of life for curious little minds. You can guess that all will be fine in the end and still be on the edge of your seat as they get themselves in trouble. In fact, reading about characters with grit may be the greatest teaching lesson the March family imparts to young readers.

The original, written in , is often hard to find and also a little too dense for children, so most kids today go for an abbreviated version. Where the Wild Things Are Everyone should grow up seeing how Max sails away to a dreamscape that ends in a wild rumpus. Of course, size would be an issue, as it is for Danny when a friendly dinosaur leaves the museum and comes home with him. Guess How Much I Love You Little Nutbrown Hare and his daddy compare how much they love each other, striving to outdo each other with words and gestures. The Cat in the Hat Told through a series of simple rhymes, Dr.

Make Way for Ducklings A mama and papa duck choose the perfect spot to have their ducklings. It turns out to be an island in the middle of Boston Commons. Harold and the Purple Crayon This imaginative classic by cartoonist Crockett Johnson sees Harold climb right into his drawings. He needs a boat? He makes the outline of one and hops aboard. He got in it and drew up the covers. The Fire Cat Pickles is bad! He chases little cats and makes himself a nuisance, eventually getting stuck up in a tree.

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The Cat in the Hat and Other Dr. Seuss Favorites Narration by Kelsey Grammer? There are CDs as well, with three storybooks on each.